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SafetyNet is a preventative maintenance and safety inspection, which is performed in conjunction with annual compliance testing.

Compliance testing addresses only a few of the many potential environmental safety problem areas that exist at your locations. Over the years, through our SafetyNet program, we have found and corrected tens of thousands of small problems, before they became big headaches. SafetyNet can provide you with the added peace of mind that comes with the knowledge that all potential problem areas are being checked at your busy locations.


  • Increases bottom line profits, by insuring that all meters are calibrated properly.

  • Reduces exposure to costly environmental cleanups by finding and eliminating those accumulating "leaks, weeps, and seeps" that fall through the cracks of your current leak detection program.

  • Improves safety and reduces liability, by insuring that required maintenance procedures are not overlooked or improperly performed by busy, distracted, in-house personnel.

  • Provides management, with an annual third-party checkup, which will help diagnose how well in-house environmental safety policies are being carried out.

  • Demonstrates to federal/state inspectors, insurance companies, lending institutions, etc. your company's commitment to environmental safety.


  • Meter calibration: All meters are checked and calibrated, if necessary. Over time, it only takes a small number of mis-calibrated meters to cost you big $$.
  • Dispensers: We do a thorough check for small leaks that can easily go unnoticed, but can lead to big environmental problems over time.

  • Hoses: Nozzles (including a nozzle trip test), unions, breakaways and whips are checked and replaced, if leaking or defective.

  • Shear valves (a vital safety device): We check all valves for operability and leaks.

  • Card readers: All readers are cleaned, to insure fast and accurate scanning.

  • Submerged pumps: We check for leaks around o-rings, gaskets, piping unions and leak detectors.

  • Fill covers: Covers are repainted, according to API standards, or your custom colors, to reduce the chance of cross dropping.

  • Fill caps: Caps are checked, along with vapor recovery, and ATG caps are inspected and replaced if defective, to prevent water intrusion in tanks.

  • Monitor wells: If present, covers and caps are checked to insure they are marked and locked.

  • Automatic Tank Gauges: We check for functionality and calibration.

  • Cathodic protection: Impressed current rectifier readings are recorded and the log is checked.

  • Emergency devices: Stop switches, fire extinguishers, etc., are checked.

  • Customized Inspection: SafetyNet can be customized to fit your specific needs.